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What We Can Do for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions are in a marketplace different from any other. To ensure that courses are attracting students it is necessary to know who your students (customers) are. What is it that makes a student come to your institution rather than another, and more importantly how can you keep students coming to your institution instead of another?

Within your institution you will have students with different educational goals. These students will come from a wide variety of backgrounds. They will bring with them different levels of skills, abilities and expectations. To understand these different needs and objectives it is possible to profile a student population.

Student profiling has become increasingly used as a source of market knowledge for institutions in post-compulsory education. The growing need for institutions to meet market demand for subjects has meant that methods previously the domain of profit making organisations have become attractive options. These methods allow the targeting of products at potential consumers in order to sell a brand. In the case of education institutions, it allows them to understand better their potential and present markets.

Knowing and understanding the students within an institution can be achieved through questionnaires or the institution's own data resources. We provide questionnaires that can be administered by paper or online via our certified secure server. The knowledge found from these questionnaires is supplemented by data from external sources based on a student's postcode that provides important data on household income, housing types and house prices.

This wealth of knowledge can provide indispensable information on how an institution is widening access to non-traditional groups. The questionnaire itself will provide useful information on student attitudes and orientations. It is also tailored to take account of an institutions particular priorities and interests. This is particularly useful if an institution is planning any changes or has made any changes to its daily functioning.  

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