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Survey Analysis

We specialise in high quality survey analysis. Unlike other organisations, our end product is an easily understood written report that highlights key points. We donít believe that you should have to search through tables to find what you are looking for. Itís our job to understand the findings and our job to communicate these findings to you in a logical and easily understood way.

With over a decade in consultancy, we have a lot of expertise to offer to ensure you get the best advice and service possible.

Our reports are normally of 70 to 100 pages in length (excluding appendices). In the report, we present the findings in chapters and provide commentary. At the end of each chapter, we provide a summary of key points and each report contains conclusions. This means those in a hurry can skim read the chapters while those needing more detail can read the report fully.

We also have a range of statistical methods and procedures we can use to get the most out of your survey and find exactly the information you need. This is why we can be confident we are giving you the customer the best value for your money. For example, if you are planning a satisfaction survey, key driver analysis may be extremely useful to you as it provides actionable points to improve your organisational performance.

Not all survey analysis is like this. Many of our clients are those that have been dissatisfied with analysis from other providers having only received hundreds of pages of tables for their money. To help you ensure you are purchasing a quality survey analysis we have provided a factsheet. This can be downloaded from the link below. Make sure you read it before you spend any money. Remember, an analysis that tells you nothing is your money down the drain.

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