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Student Analysis

We offer advice and analysis for student and post-graduate student projects at a heavily reduced rate with a fast turn around time.

Our ethos behind this is that we have found student projects often help us improve our skills due to the wide range of subject matter. We also believe that students are our future customers.

We can provide help with general statistical analyses and reporting (ANOVAs, t-tests, regressions, chi-squares, factor analysis etc.) as well as more specialised areas of statistical analysis such as medicine, psychology and ecology. We are also able to help with the analysis of any questionnaire or experimental data you have collected.

Good analysis and methodology is essential for good pass grades. If you want the statistical analysis for your thesis or dissertation to be completed to a high standard, you should get in touch.

For best results, you should contact us preferably at the survey or experiment design stage as this will help ensure your data is in a correct format to analyse.

However, even if you have already collected the data and are having difficulty with the analysis, we will do our best to help so that you are able to get the maximum out of your data. With over a decade in consultancy, we have a lot of expertise to offer to ensure you get the best advice and service possible.

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