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Key Driver Analysis

Key Driver Analysis can be useful for satisfaction surveys where a question regarding overall satisfaction is included. It is especially useful where there are several areas of satisfaction that have been surveyed. When used, the relationship between overall satisfaction and the items that drive overall satisfaction can be assessed in relative terms. This allows for the issues that affect overall satisfaction the most to be identified for improvement. Using this methodology has immediate benefits in knowing how to target your efforts for your organisation's continuous improvement.

The items of most interest in a Key Driver analysis are the items found in the bottom right hand quadrant. This is because these are the items that have both relatively high impact and low performance.

Items found in this quadrant of the analysis have the biggest impact on overall satisfaction but have a relatively poorer performance compared to other satisfaction items. Therefore, when you are considering your managerial strategy, the analysis will identify the most important items to action in order to improve your organisational performance overall.

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