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Below is from a previous study and shows Further Education students in Scotland that went on to Higher Education. By using supplementary data on income it is possible to see how well students at your institution are doing compared to the Scottish average and other measures. In this example we can see that household incomes* of former FE students is above the Scottish national average (shown in light blue). The darker blue bars represent this distribution of the income adjusted for age using the UK population, as generally people that are older earn more. Where the dark blue column is bigger than the light blue column that age group will be widening access. In this case we can tell the FE to HE route has widened access to mature students aged around 30 to 45.

*based on postcode

The next example, below, is from the same study and shows the Highest Qualification on Entry. From this kind of investigation it is possible to see how well certain qualification groupings are at Widening Access. Qualification grouping at your institution are likely to be unique and this can be shown in the analysis.

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