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How much do you know about your customers?

Every time a customer uses your facilities they provide you with information that gives you a detailed insight into who is using your facilities and who else is likely to use your facilities. By combining your records with market analysis data you can gain important knowledge such as the income, ages and spending habits of your customers or information on your corporate clients. Such information is invaluable when considering strategic direction, marketing and customer retention.

For example, you may wish to identify customers who are likely to use premium services or those more likely to use new facilities. By analysing your customer data it is possible to identify these customers. When this information is supplemented with consumer data from the world's leading marketing companies it gives you in-depth information on their backgrounds and their tastes. This helps ensures you retain these customers. Furthermore, we can help with directly marketing to potential new customers with similar profiles by promotions, mailshots or even targeted drops with local newspapers.

This information can also be combined with your own customer satisfaction questionnaires. We can advise you on questionnaire design and distribution and supply secure online hosting of online electronic questionnaires. When all this information is brought together you have a very powerful customer analysis resource that gives you the edge over your competitors.

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